What’s Shisha

A Shisha also known as a Waterpipe, Narghile, Qalyan, or Hookah, is a single or multi-stemmed instrument for smoking flavoured tobacco in which the smoke is passed through a water basin (often glass based) before inhalation.

The tobacco smoked is referred to as muássel, or "Shisha"." The origin of the hookah is India, Persia or at a transition point between the two. The word 'Hookah' is a derivative of 'Huqqa', which is what the Indians used to call it in the past. According to author Cyril Elgood, it was Abul-Fath Gilani (d. 1588), a Persian physician at the Indian court of the Mughal emperor Akbar, who "first passed the smoke of tobacco through a small bowl of water to purify and cool the smoke and thus invented the hubbly-bubbly or Shisha.

Smoking the hookah has gained popularity outside of its native region, in India and the Middle East, and South Africa as well as the United Kingdom.

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